FUSE 2019 Packing List


- Bathing suit
- Casual summer clothing (shorts, t-shirts, “breathable” fabrics – gonna be hot!).
- “Active” clothing (clothes you won’t mind getting sweaty in).
- Sweatshirt or jacket for evenings.
- Sneakers and/or sandals (optional: flip flops for shower).
- Plain white T-shirt for a game in which it will get covered in colors (doesn’t have to be expensive; could be an old predominantly white T-shirt you already own).

Dress Code

- Bathing suits: Ladies, please wear a one-piece bathing suit, tankini, or rash guard with modest, 2-piece bottom (no uncovered bikinis); guys, no speedos.
- Pajamas are to be worn only inside cabins (not to meals, etc.).
- No clothing with suggestive or offensive messages.
- Ultimately we ask that you dress with modesty in mind.

Other Items (misc.)

- Sleeping bag or blankets and twin sheets
- Pillow
- Beach Towel
- Shower Towel
- Toiletries: soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste, etc.
- Sunscreen
- Bug spray
- Sunglasses
- Flashlight and extra batteries
- Re-fillable water bottle
- Trash bag(s) for dirty/wet clothes
- Cash
- Students will need money for 1 fast food meal on the trip home
- The camp has a snack shop, and we will have a small resource center; you are welcome to send cash for these things, but it is optional