We will be hosting a number of parent meetings leading up to FUSE, but don’t worry — you’ll only have to attend once, since the content will be the same at all of the meetings.  We just want to offer multiple opportunities to attend a meeting that will fit your schedule.  In these meetings, we go over all of the logistics that you and your student will need to know to make FUSE a successful experience for your student.  We’ll also share the heart behind why we do FUSE and let you know what we’ll be covering in our sessions and how you can prepare your student spiritually.  

We'll also host a meeting after camp: at this meeting we will share helpful information about what happened at FUSE spiritually to help you prepare to receive your students back and take advantage of the first 24 hours after camp. This meeting will take place one hour before the busses bring your students back from FUSE!

LA Parent Meeting Dates/Times:
               Sunday Jun 23rd, 11:15am - 12:15pm
               Sunday Jun 30th,   9:15am - 10:15pm

*Please meet in front of the media center at Belville Elementary.

Questions? Contact us at matt.rabalais@portcitychurch.org


June 25th - 6pm-7pm - The Theater

July 2nd - 6pm-7pm - The Theater


Wednesday, June 19 - 7:00 pm (TSU Summer Night)

Sunday, June 23rd - 11 am

Wednesday, June 26 - 7:00 pm (TSU Summer Night)

Sunday, June 30 - 11 am